Senate OKs defense bill, setting up clash with House over abortion, LGBTQ measures

But the disagreements run deep in the competing bills. House Republicans passed a more partisan defense bill that includes provisions to undo the Pentagon’s abortion travel policy, block funding for surgeries and hormone therapy for transgender troops and limit diversity training and programs. All but four House Democrats opposed the final bill, which in other … Read more

‘Dangerous’: Biden doubles down on Tuberville’s military holds

Earlier this year, Tuberville initiated a hold on votes for military nominations and promotions in response to an announcement that Biden’s Department of Defense would cover the costs incurred by servicemembers forced to travel out of state to receive reproductive care. Tuberville has argued the Defense Department’s policy conflicts with the Dobbs decision overturning the … Read more

Military logjam worsens as senators leave town with no fix to Tuberville blockade

“This is uncharted waters,” said Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.). The aftershocks of the hold go well beyond Washington and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and they’ll only worsen over the five-week Senate recess. The logjam affects more than 270 military officers. They include 10 four-star officers, 54 three-stars, 70 two-stars and 139 one-stars, according to … Read more

U.S. announces $345M weapons package for Taiwan

The package marks the first time the U.S. has used new authority from Congress to transfer military equipment directly from Pentagon inventory to Taiwan. The transfer is done under the Presidential Drawdown Authority, the same mechanism Washington uses to send weapons to Ukraine. The U.S. did not release the contents of the package publicly due … Read more

U.S., Europe officials: Yevgeny Prigozhin’s death strengthens Russia’s Vladimir Putin, for now

“Putin has a pretty clear track record of at least operating within his own country with impunity,” a U.S. official familiar with Russia policy said. “I don’t get the sense there’s any mechanism under which he’ll be held accountable … Just because people hate you doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to be out of power.” … Read more

State Department IG scrutinizing diplomat’s clearance suspension

In the brief letter, Shaw said she decided to review the situation following a letter from the Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that raised a host of questions about the State Department and called on her to act. “OIG considers several factors when determining whether to initiate work, including statutory requirements, available resources, … Read more

Biden served as tie-breaker in Space Command decision

Austin brought both arguments to President Joe Biden’s desk and asked the commander in chief to settle the debate. Biden on Monday determined that the command should stay in Colorado, infuriating Alabama lawmakers and touching off a round of accusations that the current president was only seeking to punish the former one. This story is … Read more