A steady economy offers no boost for Biden

The Fed will face another major decision on rates at its September meeting. While there are clear signs that prices aren’t spiking as quickly, and that the economy can avoid a recession, Powell warned in a press conference last week that the central bank had “a long way to go.” Fed policymakers are also projecting … Read more

DeSantis’ conservative populism has left some donors chafing

“DeSantis made a fatal error — his whole anti-Disney, anti-corporate stance is so foolish,” said Kathy Wylde, president and CEO of the Partnership for NYC — a trade organization that represents Wall Street executives. “I know a donor to him who sat him down, and told him what a mistake this was early on, and … Read more

Biden’s approval rating for the economy remains at about a third, poll finds

In recent months, the Biden administration has hit hard the president’s economic policy, known as “Bidenomics,” amid falling inflation, steady job growth and diminished talk of a forthcoming recession. But it’s struggled to catch on, evidenced by the poll also finding that only 34 percent of surveyed Americans would describe the economy as very or … Read more

Voters of color slam Biden’s handling of the economy

The signs of dissatisfaction with Democrats didn’t end there. Respondents were also asked about the rise in crime and border issues. Democrats got zeros across the board. Perhaps most troubling of all, some respondents indicated that they preferred the economy under former President Donald Trump. “Our economy is the lowest it’s been in god knows … Read more

Balancing Act: Navigating the Impact of Experience-Driven Consumer Behavior on the American Economy

In recent years, the American consumer landscape has witnessed a significant shift in preferences, with an increasing emphasis on experiences rather than material possessions. This trend has been fueled by various factors, including social media influence, changing values, and the desire for memorable moments. While prioritizing experiences over possessions can contribute positively to personal well-being, … Read more