Biden celebrates as climate law marks first year

Biden signed the sweeping Inflation Reduction Act into law one year ago Wednesday, which includes roughly $370 billion to help shift the U.S. to cleaner forms of power and reduce greenhouse gases that are driving climate change. Since then, a boom in private investment for new manufacturing plants that will take advantage of the law’s … Read more

How a Republican president could hobble the climate law

The fight could mirror the years of GOP attacks that Obamacare faced after Congress enacted it in 2010, including multiple repeal attempts and Trump’s use of executive actions to undercut it. Some Republican presidential candidates, including Trump, are already targeting the IRA’s grant and loan spending, which provide a major piece of the federal government’s … Read more

Big costs, sweeping changes: What to know about the IRA

Here are three big things to watch as the United States’ largest-ever climate law turns 1: It’s proving more expensive than advertised Estimates based on the Congressional Budget Office’s official score last year put the cost of the law’s climate and energy provisions at about $391 billion over the decade between 2022 and 2031. But … Read more