Dorcas Rigathi’s Rehab Facilities to Have Detention Centres

Second Lady Pastor Dorcas Rigathi has launched a detention facility inside a wellness and rehabilitation centre in Rumuruti, Laikipia County planned as a correctional facility for minors arrested for petty offences. 

Speaking during the groundbreaking of the construction of the facility at Kandutura Ground in Laikipia on Wednesday, Pastor Dorcas said that her office will collaborate with the Judiciary and the County governments to ensure the project is completed in a timely manner.

According to the second lady, the facility will be instrumental in correcting errant children who will then reform their ways and be productive in society.

“This place (Wellness and Rehabilitation Centre) we are going to do something that has not been done before that is going to be done by the national government, the county governments, and the judiciary where our children who are in schools and have been arrested in other petty crimes and they are in prisons, we want to have a detention center here,” she said.

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi (centre) poses for a photo during the launch of the wellness and rehabilitation Centre in Rumuruti, Laikipia County on October 11, 2023.


Dorcas Rigathi

“We are going to do something that has not been done before. We want our children who were in school and were arrested for petty crimes like smoking bhang and are in prison, we want to have a detention center at the Wellness and Rehabilitation Centers where they will join the others for rehabilitation. By the time they are done, they will be productive to society,“ she said.

The Wellness and Rehabilitation Centre will also include a health facility, a rehabilitation Centre, a digital hub, a sports academy, a vocational training, and a prayer Centre among other activities.

Pastor Dorcas further stated that those taken to the detention centre will be trained in agribusiness and entrepreneurship to enable them to fend for themselves once they leave the facility. 

The facility will also offer free therapeutic services for those suffering from cerebral palsy and autism patients.

“This facility will also house one of the largest occupational therapies for those with cerebral palsy, those suffering from autism will be coming here and we will be giving them treatment for free,“ she noted.

Laikipia Governor Joshua Irungu welcomed the move and added that the project will go a long way in equipping the local youth with vocational skills as well as offering job opportunities for the locals.

Pastor Dorcas has been at the forefront in rehabilitating the youth who have been addicted to drugs and substance abuse.

In the past months, she has rehabilitated more than 200 youths in rehabilitation Centres in Timau, Meru County, Nairobi’s ASK Showgrounds, Limuru in Kiambu County, Donholm and Bomet Counties.

Pastor Dorcas Gachagua at a church in Bungoma County on Wednesday June 7, 2023.


Dorcas Gachagua

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