This Is The Economy Democrats Wanted. But Voters Only See Inflation.

Higher wages, higher growth, higher productivity. Win-win-win. There’s a chance we’re headed down that exact path, and yet, Americans don’t seem very enthused. Because they really hate inflation. For the coalition that has supported this agenda — Democrats to the left of Larry Summers, along with economists representing a range of ideologies — the economy … Read more

US employers added surprisingly robust 353,000 jobs in January in further sign of economic strength

This week, the Federal Reserve took note of the economy’s durability, with Chair Jerome Powell saying “the economy is performing well, the labor market remains strong.” The Fed made clear that while it’s nearing a long-awaited shift toward cutting interest rates, it’s in no hurry to do so. To fight inflation, the Fed raised its … Read more

Biden tries to shift the focus from Bidenomics to Trumpenomics

It’s an argument that recognizes the sales job Biden has tried to make about his economic needs to be more of a contrast. But aides also believe they have the fodder to make this messaging shift work. In particular, Biden officials have homed in on the GOP frontrunner’s passage of massive corporate tax cuts during … Read more

Biden’s blue-collar pitch: Factories now, manufacturing jobs later

But 10 months out from the election, those new factory projects remain in their early stages — and have yet to generate an anticipated wave of manufacturing jobs. And after a pandemic-era rebound, industry hiring overall has turned stagnant: Manufacturers added just 12,000 jobs in 2023 amid an extended business slowdown. The lull has threatened … Read more