‘A contradiction’: U.S. subsidizes ‘sustainable’ buildings, but leaves them vulnerable to floods

The findings come as the Biden administration, the Green Building Council and other groups are working to make U.S. buildings more resilient. The White House last year launched an initiative that aims to help state and local governments adopt the latest building codes. Forty states and U.S. territories haven’t updated their building codes since 2018, … Read more

What the UAW strike means for the Musk-Biden tug of war

Musk has already won a number of early skirmishes with the administration, including by getting several other big automakers to adopt Tesla’s charging technology as a de-facto industry standard. “Tesla’s competitive advantage over the Detroit Three is going to widen,” said Garrett Nelson, vice president of equity research at CFRA Research, an investment advisory firm. … Read more

UAW strike could disrupt EV rollout. Environmentalists support it anyway.

The green support for the union marks a relatively new development between two Democratic-aligned factions. Environmental groups have broadened their missions in recent years to address a range of social problems, including racial and economic issues, in part as an effort to build broader coalitions to support their campaigns to fight climate change and pollution … Read more

UAW to strike at three plants at midnight, barring deal

The United Auto Workers union strike would mark the first against all three major Detroit automakers simultaneously. | Timothy D. Easley/AP Photo The United Auto Workers union plans to walk off the job at three plants in Michigan, Ohio and Missouri beginning at midnight Thursday, barring an eleventh-hour deal with Ford, GM and Stellantis. The … Read more

Auto strike could threaten Biden’s blue wall

Michigan Democrats support the union but caution that the president, a self-described “car guy,” faces potential political danger if thousands of union workers go on strike in such a critical swing state — one that helped seal Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, then did the same for Biden four years later. That’s especially true, they … Read more