Bob Menendez’s defiance could be an electoral nightmare for Democrats

“There’s a burden on [Majority Leader] Chuck Schumer right now. As [New Jersey Gov.] Phil Murphy has skillfully navigated New Jersey Democrats to separate themselves from this debacle, the Senate caucus needs to do the same,” says former Democratic Sen. Robert Torricelli. “Otherwise you’re going to get candidates in competitive states like Montana and West … Read more

Newsom and DeSantis to debate in November

A Fox News spokesperson on Monday declined to say whether Hannity agreed to Newsom’s terms of no live audience and said that more details on the debate will be available later on. The debate comes a month after the Florida Republican and California Democrat agreed to participate in a debate hosted by Fox News after … Read more

Anti-vaxxers, flush with cash, now have political power

Informed Consent Action Network was among the most well-funded groups in the anti-vaccine movement prior to the pandemic. The nonprofit was pulling in $1.4 million in 2017. By 2021, its annual revenue topped $13.3 million, according to tax documents. The group’s founder, Del Bigtree, hosts a podcast, The HighWire, where he discusses the group’s work. … Read more

Trump hits Biden on UAW visit

Biden on Friday said he’d join the picket lines in Michigan on Tuesday. Earlier Friday, UAW President Shawn Fain announced that parts distribution center workers at more than three dozen Stellantis and General Motors facilities across 20 states will join the roughly 12,700 union members taking part in the initial three-plant strike. Trump has recently … Read more

Do GOP voters continue to distrust vaccines?

A new POLITICO | Morning Consult poll, conducted as part of POLITICO’s ongoing series about the rising anti-vax movement, shows Republican voters are less likely than Democrats or independents to say vaccines are safe for children. It also shows that as many Republicans now say they care more about the risks of vaccines than they … Read more