Kenya Wildlife Service Captures Two Hyenas in Juja Kiambu County

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has captured hyenas in Juja Kiambu County.

The hyena, a sub-adult of approximately 4 years of age, was captured at Kiminicha Farm in Juja. 

According to a statement released on December 31, KWS noted that the capture was achieved using predator animals set in the area.

“The ongoing KWS operation, Ondoa Fisi, in Juja Sub County managed to capture the second hyena, marking the second capture in less than a week,” KWS stated.

Kenya Wildlife Service van transporting captured hyenas in Juja, Kiambu County.

Photo KWS

The operation was established to eradicate the hyena menace in the area and has so far deployed four predator traps.

Ondoa Fisi operation was necessitated after people in the area complained of wild animals terrorising the residents. 

KWS has also deployed three mobile teams in the Juja area to enhance security and safety.

The corporation further promised to completely end the nightmare, and eradicate the animals from human settlements. 

Plans are underway to translocate the captured hyena to a national park, away from settled areas,” KWS affirmed. 

KWS had previously elaborated on situations where lethal control can be used, stating that such is applied if a staff or community member is under threat. 

The corporation launched approaches to prevent and manage human-wildlife conflicts, in consideration of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, of 2023. 

“These include erection of wildlife barriers, mapping of hot spot areas for strategic deployments, translocation of problem animals, use of Collars, especially on endangered species for monitoring, and conservation education,” KWS stated. 

Undated image of KWS rangers on patrol


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